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¿Is SugarCRM open source?

SugarCRM, an open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite, made its debut in 2004 under the diligent management of SugarCRM, Inc., headquartered in Cupertino, California.

Over time, SugarCRM has undergone a significant transformation, evolving to encompass every aspect of customer management and the sales cycle. This dynamic CRM solution offers a wide array of features, including marketing campaigns, mass broadcasting, lead management, contact and account organization, and more. Notably, recent versions, especially since version 6, have emphasized mobile CRM with native applications and the seamless integration of Social CRM features. There have been substantial upgrades to the Calendar module, mobile interface, and social connectors, all contributing to enhanced performance.

SugarCRM is available in three editions: the Community edition, an open-source option; the Enterprise edition, which includes additional features; and the SaaS edition, perfect for on-demand CRM. The Community edition is licensed under the Affero GNU Public License v3 and is an excellent starting point for smaller businesses.

This versatile CRM solution is built on a LAMP platform, compatible with various databases and web servers, as long as they support PHP.”

This program belongs to the category Business Management

The software in this category of business management programs for Windows will allow you to manage any type of business or SME from your computer

The Sugar platform is a highly flexible, scalable, and extensible framework for marketing, sales, and customer service solutions.

Get Busy Being Less Busy

Technology was supposed to work for you, not the other way around. But your sales leaders are doing busy work when they should be calling on accounts.

Despite all the data you hand-feed your CRM, it still expects you to spot the cross-selling opportunities and at-risk accounts.

It requires your marketing teams to manually score leads and monitor campaigns. And it has your CSRs routing cases when they should be talking with customers. It makes you wonder, “Is allthis really worth the effort?”

It’s Time to Let the Platform Do the Work

The Sugar platform provides the way to finally get a complete picture of each customer’s journey, without getting all the headaches and hassles that come with traditional CRMs.

You get the simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use you want, but without sacrificing the capabilities and functionality you need. Our next generation automation means you get more and more insights while doing less and less work.

And you’ll be able to grow and evolve your business without outgrowing your CRM.

👓 No Blind Spots
Access all relevant
information – past,
present, and even

⌛ No Busy Work
Capture data
automatically and
present it in context
to everyone who
needs it.

🚧 No Roadblocks
Build, tailor, and
extend the solution
to your needs and

We’re Here to Make the Hard Things Easier

The Sugar platform provides tightly integrated, high-function applications spanning marketing, sales, and customer service.

Our applications are built on a common platform of shared services including, a time-aware customer data platform,
predictive AI, workflow automation, unified identity and access management, omnichannel communications, and a robust global cloud infrastructure. Add-on platform solutions include products for descriptive analytics, sales intelligence, and email/calendar integration.

Sugar’s platform provides comprehensive APIs and a robust integration platform as a service (iPaaS), enabling deep
customization and easy integration. The platform also extends mobile access to all functionality via dedicated mobile apps and mobile-responsive web interfaces.

Best of all, our platform is supported by an expert team of consultants, implementors, support agents, and operations
personnel responsible for Sugar’s award-winning customer loyalty ratings

Key Features of the Sugar Platform

Captures a complete historical record of every
change event in the customer journey for improved
situational awareness.

Comprehensive Configuration and APIs
Supports deep functional access and multi-level
customization from light configuration to embedding CRM
into custom applications.

Robust Cloud Infrastructure
Provides scalability, global reach, and tight security
combined with the ability to manage and extend the
platform using commonly-available skills.

Omnichannel Communications
Integrates voice and chat communications into
CRM applications.

AI-Powered Predictions
Enables highly accurate, data-backed predictions about
customers and the business.

Low-Code Enablement
Provides rich low-code features, including a custom
module studio, a robust workflow engine, formula-based
fields, iPaaS, and a mobile app configuration suite.