SugarCrm community edition

SugarCRM Community Edition, also known as Sugar Community Edition (Sugar CE), is an open source project that has come to an end. Here are some key points about the current status of SugarCRM Community Edition:

End of development and maintenance:

SugarCRM has ended development and maintenance of the Community Edition. This means that new bug fixes, security updates and patches are no longer issued for the Community Edition.

Vulnerabilities and lack of support:

The Community Edition has been described as having multiple vulnerabilities, and users are warned to migrate to an alternative platform due to lack of support and increasing vulnerabilities as the software ages.

Availability of legacy files:

Although the community edition is no longer supported, installers, update packages, documentation, etc., from the previous version have been collected and placed in a repository on GitHub for those still using SugarCRM CE-based applications.

Open source alternatives:

With the end of the community edition of SugarCRM, there is a need to look for open source alternatives for CRM.

What are the alternatives to Sugarcrm community edition?

Some alternatives to consider for SugarCRM community edition are:


It is an open source alternative that offers CRM functionalities, project management, budget management, among others. It is a popular option and well valued by users.


Offers an inbound marketing and sales platform with tools for customer relationship management, social media management, and email marketing services. It is a one-stop solution for CRM needs.


This open source alternative provides CRM functionality and billing software. It is an option to consider for those looking for a comprehensive solution.


Offers collaboration software with comprehensive tools for management, collaboration, communication and sales. It is a unified platform for files, projects, messages, tasks and contacts.


Another open source alternative that offers CRM functionality and workflow automation. It is an option to consider for those looking for a flexible and customizable solution.

These alternatives offer a variety of functionalities and approaches to customer relationship management, allowing companies to find the solution that best suits their specific needs.

In summary, the community edition of SugarCRM has come to an end, and users migrating to other SugarCRM platforms or editions are encouraged to continue receiving support and updates.

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