SugarCRM Sell Advanced

Sell ​​Advanced is a robust CRM tool that provides enhanced sales force automation (SFA) capabilities for your complex business requirements, helping you prioritize leads and opportunities that are most likely to convert and close. Its intuitive user interface makes capturing and acting on customer data faster, increasing user adoption, accelerating your response to current and future customer needs, and improving trust in CRM data. .

Introducing Sugar Sell Advanced

  • A robust CRM solution for businesses with complex sales requirements.
  • Includes all the features of Sugar Sell Essentials, plus additional functionality for advanced sales teams.
  • Designed to help you increase win rates, drive productivity, and gain deeper insights into your sales performance.

Features of Sugar Sell Advanced

  • Lead scoring and prioritization: Identify the leads that are most likely to convert.
  • Guided selling: Receive real-time coaching and recommendations based on best practices.
  • Revenue forecasting: Gain a more accurate view of your expected revenue.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: Drill down into your sales data to uncover hidden trends.
  • Customizable workflows: Automate repetitive tasks to free up your sales team’s time.

Benefits of Sugar Sell Advanced

  • Increased win rates: Close more deals with the help of intelligent lead scoring and guided selling.
  • Improved productivity: Automate tasks and streamline processes to free up your sales team’s time.
  • Deeper insights: Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your sales performance with advanced reporting and analytics.
  • Greater agility: Adapt quickly to changing market conditions with customizable workflows.

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