SugarCRM Sell Premier

Is your company struggling with highly manual work and misaligned departments, resulting in siled data? If your unreliable forecasting processes and limited visibility into organizational goals and current sales results are impeding your company’s growth, then you are the ideal fit for Sell Premier.

Sell ​​Premier answers your company’s advanced CRM requirements, giving you real-time, holistic insights into your business with fast, automated, and predictable forecasts.

What does Sugar Sell Premier include?

Sell ​​Premier is our flagship solution and includes comprehensive SFA capabilities with built-in artificial intelligence to automate and accelerate sales processes and shorten sales cycles by increasing speed from offer to close. Premier is designed to help with complex sales scenarios and global sales organizations.

Introducing Sugar Sell Premier

  • The most comprehensive CRM solution for enterprises with large, complex sales organizations.
  • Includes all the features of Sugar Sell Advanced, plus additional functionality for managing global sales teams and driving revenue growth.
  • Designed to help you achieve sales excellence through advanced automation, guided selling, and predictive analytics.

Features of Sugar Sell Premier

  • Global sales management: Manage sales teams across multiple regions, languages, and currencies.
  • Territory management: Optimize your sales territories for maximum coverage.
  • Partner relationship management (PRM): Manage your relationships with channel partners.
  • Predictive analytics: Use machine learning to identify the deals that are most likely to close.
  • Revenue intelligence: Gain insights into your sales performance across all channels.

Benefits of Sugar Sell Premier

  • Increased revenue: Close more deals and drive revenue growth with advanced automation and predictive analytics.
  • Improved efficiency: Free up your sales team’s time with intelligent lead scoring, guided selling, and automated tasks.
  • Greater visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your sales performance across all channels.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Improve communication and collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer service teams.
  • Global reach: Manage sales teams across multiple regions, languages, and currencies.

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